Austin Property Management Services Top 5 cleaning tips

Our top 5 cleaning tips

Over the years we have come across some great products that we have found to make life so much easier and help to keep on top of general cleaning without having to put too much time or energy into, they are easily available from supermarkets/general retailers and are low cost too!  (Please note there is no affiliate links to these products, and we do not receive any commission etc.)

1. Dettol Mould & Mildew Spray – approx. £3.50 and available from supermarkets and general retailers.

This product is a godsend for keeping bathrooms and tiles clear of mould, mildew and soap scum.  Simply follow the instructions on the bottle, rinse and use as needed.   Over the years we have found that this product has brought the worst marked tiles, bathroom suites and silicone back to life with very little effort.

2. Bleach – approx. 50p

The simple bleach, low cost, yet effective.  Simply squirt around the toilet bowl, down and around bath, washbasin and kitchen sink plug holes for an effective cleaning solution.  When used regularly in toilet bowls, there is little to no scrubbing required, which is definitely a win in our book!

3. Disinfectant (Zoflora or similar) – approx. £1.50

This product should be a household staple, with many different scents available and even ones especially created to help with pet odours, you can use it to clean pretty much any surface from the bathroom to the kitchen, woodwork to metalwork, to flooring the list is endless.  It kills bacteria and viruses (which we definitely need at the moment), eliminates odours and keeps items looking and smelling fresh. 

4. Oven Pride – approx. £4.00

Take the hassle out of oven cleaning with this fantastic product, simply soak the shelves over night in the bag, as directed and spread the fluid over the bottom of oven, doors and anywhere else that requires attention (follow instructions on the box) and it will come up gleaming. 

5. White vinegar – approx. £1.00

A lot of people will already have this in their kitchen cupboards and this makes a great cleaning product, particularly for shiny surfaces.  Used on windows, mirrors and stainless steel, white vinegar makes them gleam.  Also great for descaling kettles, taps, showerhead etc, by coating/submerging in the vinegar and then rinsing with hot soapy water. 

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